Reforma de Salud

Did you know healthcare laws have recently changed and you may be penalized for not having health insurance ?

Recent changes in healthcare tax laws impact everyone. At Experto Tax Service ® our Tax Pros work harder to keep up with the latest tax law changes to protect you from possible penalties – not everyone else does.
If you don’t have healthcare coverage, we at Experto Tax Service ®, through our CoveredCA certified enrollment counselors, can help during the enrollment period that ends February 15, 2015.
Ask your Tax Pro to refer you to a certified enrollment counselor to help you fill out and register to avoid penalties.
Certified Enrollment Counselors are trained individuals who are available to provide in-person counseling and assistance to consumers in need of help with applying for Covered California programs. Counselors will provide assistance in culturally and linguistic appropriate manners to consumers throughout California.

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